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Camfil Farr Joins US Green Building Council


Concordia University to Host Symposium
on IAQ Issues Relative to H1N1,
Safety / Security Threats, Energy Use

Who is invited:  Building operators, facility managers,
HVAC designers, engineers and contractors, property managers,
energy managers, sustainability managers, infectious disease
control personnel, and researchers.

Air Filtration Design Seminar

Camfil Farr and Concordia University will present an intense
half-day technical session for all professionals who are responsible
for designing and maintaining healthy indoor environments. 
The symposium is Tuesday, November 24, 2009, at the University,
EV Building, Room 2-260.  There is no cost to attend.

The seminar will provide a detailed overview of current filtration
standards, help resolve critical IAQ design and maintenance issues,
and train participants on techniques to reduce energy consumption
related to air handling.  The seminar will also address sustainability
initiatives – one of the most pressing issues for corporations today. 

Ventilation systems today must take into account the potential
for sudden release of biological or chemical agents, and the very
real short-term potential for a pandemic, as well as traditional
concerns, such as energy consumption, and occupant health
and comfort.  This symposium addresses all of these issues in
an intense, 3-hour session that concludes with a
question-and-answer session, and lunch. 

The air filtration design and maintenance symposium will be
presented by Fariborz Haghighat, Ph.D, Concordia Research Chair –
Energy and Environment, and Michael Dobbs, Vice President,
Camfil Farr Canada Inc.  Speakers include Don Thornburg,
a leading expert in HVAC regulatory standards; Hamid Kholafai,
Researcher, Concordia University; and Chris Ecob, Ph.D,
Global Manager of Molecular Filtration, Camfil AB.

French-speaking liaisons will be available during the Q&A period
to translate questions and responses as needed.  The presentation
will be given in English, with presentation materials available to
attendees in English and French.  There is no cost to attend,
but seating is limited and pre-registration is required. 


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Air Filtration Design Seminar
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