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* MERV, Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value,
is a number from 1 to 16 that is relative to an 
air filter’s efficiency
, according to a universal
filtration standard. The higher the MERV, the
more efficient the air filter is at removing

+ Energy Cost Index, or “ECI,” is a filter rating
system that looks at the filter’s efficiency over
its lifetime and the energy required to move air
through that filter. ECI compares filters of similar
construction, under the same conditions of
operation and provides an indicator of true
performance. Specifically, the formula is dollars
per percent of filter efficiency. The lower the
value, the better the filter. A filter with an ECI
of five stars maintains its efficiency over its
life and uses less energy to move air through
the filter. It is in the top 20% of all filters
evaluated. A four star filter has a lower
ECI value, and the pattern continues down
to one star, the poorest performers. 

New MERV 8 Filter Slashes Change-out
Frequency, Energy Costs, and Waste Burdens

New technology is ideal for overall facility filtration
in offices, processing plants, schools and offices.

Background: Every facility manager faces 3 critical challenges. #1 is better IAQ.  Bad air due to pollen,
pollution, and other contaminants can no longer be ignored.  Health and productivity issues are
“front and center,” thanks to studies such as the one published in the New England Journal of Medicine
(2-07) and summarized in The Wall Street Journal (2-1-07) which conclusively links heart risk to air
pollutants.  And because the frequency of litigation over poor IAQ and “sick buildings” is rising,
insurance carriers are now involved, too. 

Challenge #2 is the push for greener buildings.  Green is good, but often, the more efficient the air filter,
the higher the energy costs, due to higher air resistance.  Energy conservation is a major part of “green,”
and companies can find themselves improving on one front while losing ground on another. “Tight”
buildings, popular in the 70s, have also aggravated the quest for clean air.  Outside ventilation is
reduced in these facilities, and a common “fix” has been more frequent air exchanges.  

Challenge #3 is operations costs.  The pressure to reduce the cost of consumables such as filters –
also utilities and labor – limits options for many FMs and building engineers.

Now, Camfil Farr, a world leader in air filtration, has introduced a filter technology that addresses
all 3 challenges – IAQ, green strategies and cost- and answers all of them.

Camfil Farr, a world leader in commercial filtration products, has introduced the first true
MERV 8* (ASHRAE 52.2-2007) “30/30” air filter.

The 30/30® is a high-efficiency pleated panel filter that is ideal as the first phase of filtration in
large AHUs.   It is also an excellent pre-filter for laboratories, quality inspection, and other areas
where HEPAs or other higher efficiency filters are used.   It provides a significant performance
upgrade from traditional pleated filters. 

For FMs, the greatest advantages of the 30/30 are a high dust holding capacity (30% greater than
conventional MERV 8s), and low airflow resistance at all stages of dust loading, These features reduce
the frequency of changeouts, and the labor required for replacement.  This new filter has the lowest
average pressure drop of any MERV 8 filter. This produces immediate savings on heating and cooling
costs - typically 25% and greater.  This is one reason it has earned five stars on the Energy Cost Index+ –
the highest performance ranking.   

The MERV 8 30/30 was designed to deliver the greatest overall value in commercial filtration. 
Its distinctive radial pleat design provides full use of the media.  This, too, contributes to its longer
service life.  The media for the 30/30 filter is a proprietary blend of cotton and synthetic fibers which
loads with exceptional uniformity.  The media is all-mechanical, rather than electrostatic, and maintains
consistent, high removal efficiency for dusts, molds and pollen – 3 major causes of respiratory distress –
throughout the filter’s life.  In contrast, other MERV 8s are made with electrostatically charged media,
whose efficiency drops as dust loads. 

The Camfil Farr Performance Guarantee Program guarantees that the 30/30 will maintain its efficiency
over time, and will last longer than any pleated panel filter. A case study (attached) details how the
extended life of the 30/30 saved one of the world’s largest computer hardware manufacturers
$34,786 annually, while also reducing labor costs. 

Its radial media pleats are secured by a welded wire grid, spot-welded on one-inch centers. 
The grid is treated for extended corrosion protection and is bonded to the media to prevent oscillation. 

High structural integrity is another advantage of the 30/30.  A high wet strength beverage board
frame creates a stable, non-yielding media pack.  The media pack is bonded to the frame and diagonal
support members are bonded to each pleat to enhance rigidity through bridge-style engineering. 
Filter bypass is virtually eliminated. The 30/30 is guaranteed to 2.0” w.g. without media pack failure.

The MERV 8 30/30 is rated by Underwriters Laboratories as a Class 2 or 1 filter and is available in
configurations for virtually any filter bank.   Its unique combination of performance, energy savings
and applications flexibility makes it ideal for the broadest range of commercial and institutional facilities. 

The Camfil Farr 30/30 may be used to meet requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council (“LEED”)
in terms of efficiency, energy savings and reduced disposal impact.  Detailed test data can be made
available to qualified inquirers.



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