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* MERV, Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value,
is a number from 1 to 16 that is relative to an 
air filter’s efficiency
, according to a universal
filtration standard. The higher the MERV, the
more efficient the air filter is at removing

+ Energy Cost Index, or “ECI,” is a filter rating
system that looks at the filter’s efficiency over
its lifetime and the energy required to move air
through that filter. ECI compares filters of similar
construction, under the same conditions of
operation and provides an indicator of true
performance. Specifically, the formula is dollars
per percent of filter efficiency. The lower the
value, the better the filter. A filter with an ECI
of five stars maintains its efficiency over its
life and uses less energy to move air through
the filter. It is in the top 20% of all filters
evaluated. A four star filter has a lower
ECI value, and the pattern continues down
to one star, the poorest performers. 

MERV 8 Filter Produces Immediate,
Substantial Cost Savings for
Health Care Facilities


Hospitals face two formidable – and opposing – challenges when buying air filters.   
First, the control of airborne pathogens is a serious concern for every health care institution. 
This concern has been heightened by recent widespread publicity regarding nosocomial infections,
and the identification of various drug-resistant “super bugs:” MRSA, XTB, etc. 

The opposing challenge is budgets that are under increasing pressure to reduce costs in all areas,
including product costs, labor costs and inventory costs.

Hospitals who want to control airborne pathogens, and arrest non-pathogenic particulate,
have numerous options, depending on the application. Some areas demand HEPA or ULPA filtration;
most are adequately served by less costly filters. 

Now, a new filter technology from Camfil Farr fulfills the performance and cost requirements of
virtually all hospital applications . . . in one of two distinct ways.

Camfil Farr, a world-leading manufacturer of air filtration products for research, health care and
bio-pharma manufacturing, has introduced the first true MERV 8*(ASHRAE 52.2-2007) “30/30” air filter.

The 30/30® is a medium efficiency pleated panel filter that is typically used in medical facilities as
the first level of containment protection and to increase the life of final filters used for patient rooms,
operating suites, isolation rooms and other critical care areas. The 30/30 can significantly increase the
life of downstream final or HEPA filters. 

The 30/30 MERV 8 was designed to reduce energy costs for medical facilities or other applications with
very high rates of air changeover.  With a very low initial resistance to airflow, its proprietary media
also maintains the lowest average pressure drop of any pleated panel filter.  This translates immediately
into energy savings that are both measurable, and significant – typically 25% and higher.

The MERV 8 30/30 filter is distinctive in having earned five stars on the ECI (Energy Cost Index+) –
the best-possible performance ranking.  It was created to have the lowest life cycle cost of any
medium efficiency filtration. 

The Camfil Farr 30/30, with its distinctive radial pleat design provides full use of the media for
maximum dirt holding capacity.  Tests show the 30/30 has 30% higher dust holding capacity
than conventional MERV 8 filters.  This means a longer service life, and less-frequent change-outs.  

The media for the 30/30 filter is “all-mechanical,” rather than electrostatic, and maintains consistent,
high removal efficiency throughout the filter’s life.  In contrast, other MERV 8s marketed within the
health care field are made with electrostatically charged media, whose efficiency drops as dust loads.  
(Buyers of electrostatic media filters are advised to obtain the “discharged MERV” rating to determine
the actual performance level of the product, in order to make valid comparisons.)

The Camfil Farr Performance Guarantee Program guarantees that the 30/30 will maintain its
efficiency over time, and last longer than any pleated panel filter. The radial media pleats on the
30/30 are secured by a welded wire grid, spot-welded on one-inch centers. The grid is treated for
corrosion protection and is bonded to the media to prevent oscillation. 

It also has high structural integrity. A high wet strength beverage board frame creates a stable,
non-yielding media pack. The media pack is bonded to the frame and diagonal support members are
bonded to each pleat to enhance rigidity through bridge-style engineering.  Filter bypass is virtually
eliminated. The MERV 8 30/30 is guaranteed to 2.0” w.g. without media pack failure. It is well-suited
to laboratories and other areas where higher filter face velocities are common. 

The MERV 8 30/30 is available with an Underwriters Laboratories rating for flammability of Class 1
or Class 2. It is available in 1",2” and 4” configurations.  Its combination of performance, energy
savings and applications flexibility makes it ideal for hospital buying groups seeking to reduce the
number of products, and vendors.  The filter can be a valuable tool for complying with AIA, CDC,
and  CSA/ CCDR guidelines for infection control.

Detailed data from testing of the MERV 8 30/30 at pharmaceutical facilities with requirements similar
to hospitals are available.  A sample of the 30/30 MERV 8 can be made available to (ASHRAE)
Certified Healthcare Design Professionals (HFCP).

The Camfil Farr 30/30 may be used to meet requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council
(“LEED”) in terms of efficiency, energy savings and reduced disposal impact.



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